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When it comes to finding clinical experience, there are a lot of choices you'll need to make. You'll have to decide what type of specialty you interested in, which city or state you want to complete your rotation in, and which company you TRUST to guide you through the process.

At Clerkship America, we pride ourselves on INTEGRITY, TRUST, and QUALITY. This is your life, your career, and these are YOUR DREAMS. We don't take that lightly. It's an honor to play a small part in your journey. We know that becoming a doctor is no easy feat. And we want to help you achieve your dreams by providing you with a first class experience and life-changing clinical experience with the very best doctors America has to offer.

Built with the help of doctors and students, we understand the importance of the transition from school to career. With rotations across the country, you're sure to find exactly what you need to move forward with confidence.

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